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Download most recent version of WinAmin

All components of WINIDE March 15,2021 

Update the  \Animrts and \Winedit components

Only the .DLL and .EXE files.

The contents of the \Animrts extract overlay or merge the contents of the installed  \Ibzanim\Animrts directory. 

The contents of the \Winedit extract overlay or merger the contents of the installed  \Winedit directory.

There are no updates for the March, 2021 release no updates for the March 2021 release

The contents of the \Wingnu  extract overlay  the  * contents of the installed  \Ibzanim\Wingnu directory.

The GnuCOBOL free and open source components


Extract the contents to your corresponding directory  - Either \Ibzanim or \Winedit

The objective is to replace existing files or add files to      the current installation. NOT to replace the directory 

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