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z/OS COBOL program development and testing ( using zOS JCL ) 

* Now supporting CICS and Db2 via WINZOS

* Now includes the Command Technology SPF/Pro Editor

* Install files are scanned by Windows Defender and Malwarebytes

* Version 7.5 - 3rd Release Sept. 30 - Release notes to follow 

    Added Animation from JCL (debug) "A" on compile function

    Corrected VSAM Rewrite issue


WinCOBOL is the website of  WINZOS and WINIDE

WINZOS is an ISPF simulation  - an IDE for zOS developers

Edit, compile, and test. A facility primarily for use by programmers familiar with IBM mainframe COBOL.

Included are the following:

  • zOS IBM mainframe look and feel

  • An IDE  to compile, an editor, a break point dialog

  • Command Technology SPF/Pro Editor

  • GnuCOBOL a free open source COBOL compiler and RTS

  • An animator for debugging applications in the PC look and feel WINIDE with Animation

  • Videos depicting the use of WINIDE 


Procedure division copybooks not implemented (animation)

EBCDIC support is now available as a beta release 

Free format COBOL syntax is not supported

This is a Windows 7/10 /11 product -  Linux is not supported

Directories with embedded spaces are not supported

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Copyright 2020  - 2023 WinCOBOL

Portions of WINIDE are from the open source GnuCOBOL Project GCSORT is an open source project.

USA phone: +1  713. 893. 3701

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