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z/OS COBOL programs executing under Windows

* Now supporting CICS and Db2 via WINZOS


WinCOBOL is the website of  WINIDE.

WINIDE is an edit, compile, and test facility primarily for use by programmers familiar with IBM mainframe COBOL.

Included with WINIDE are the following:

  • zOS IBM mainframe look and feel

  • An IDE  to compile, an editor, a break point dialog

  • An ISPF like editor - ZSPF.EXE

  • GnuCOBOL a free open source COBOL compiler and RTS

  • An animator for debugging WINIDE applications

  • Installation video tutorial

  • Videos depicting the use of WINIDE


Procedure division copybooks are not implemented

EBCDIC support is now available as a beta release 

Free format COBOL syntax is not supported

This is a Windows 7/10 /11 product -  Linux is not supported

(XP is also supported - please use contact email for "how to" )

Directories with embedded spaces are not supported

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Copyright 2020  - 2022 WinCOBOL

Portions of WINIDE are from the open source GnuCOBOL Project GCSORT is an open source project.

+1 904.342.3908

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